what's the difference between

Csl elite racing wheel ; csl elite wheel base ; csl elite wheel base +


  • Should be pretty much completely explained in the webshop descriptions.

    CSL Elite racing wheel is a bundle with a CSL P1 wheel and a CSL Elite Wheel base +.

    CSL Elite Wheel base 1.1 is a replacement of the old v1 with the mosaic front with same motor as CSL Elite Wheel base+ and CSW V2.5.

    CSL Elite Wheel base + is the most advanced CSL Base you can get with different electronics than the v1.1, therefore fully Fanalab compatible and with ps4 compatibility.

  • CSL Elite Racing wheel consists of the PS4 version of CSL Elite steering wheel and CSL Elite wheel base + . In other words CSL Elite Racing wheel and CSL Elite wheel base + have identical wheel bases, but CSL Elite Racing wheel comes with steering wheel. Both are compatible with PS4.

    There are two others CSL Elite wheel bases:

    CSL Elite wheel base V1.1

    CSL Elite wheel base (discontinued)

    These two wheel bases are not compatible with PS4.

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