Settings for CSW V2.5 in BeamNG?

I can't get my wheel work properly in this game.

My current setting:

It is somewhat playable but my old t300 works 10 times better than this...

SEN = 900

FF = 50

SHO = 100 (I get almost no vibration when offroading tho)

ABS = 70

DRI = -1

FOR = 80

SPR = 0

DPR = 10

BRF =70

FEI = 70

Ingame setting:I have the inverted FFB checked. Reduced FFB at low speed is also checked. I forgot my other settings but I will update it later.

When I tried to raise the FFB strength, the wheel just started shaking. If I want to avoid the idle shaking, the FFB is simply not strong enough comparing to other games. I appreciate any help, thanks!


  • Hi, I am also looking for the best config for BeamNG. After a few tries I found a settings that works for me, even though it may not be perfect.

    Here is my settings:

    SEN 900

    FF 100

    SHO 100

    ABS 100

    DRI 0FF

    FOR 80

    SPR 80

    DPR 80

    FEI 80

    In game settings:

    FFB Config

    Enable check

    Inverted check

    Strength 200

    Smooth 150

    Reduce strength at low speeds check

    Side Accel Feedback 0

    Max strength 20

    Update type fast

    If you found a better settings please share with me 😉

  • Hi,

    I have also having big troubles with this game and my clubsport V3 base. The FFB does not feel right at all. Could we have some recommanded settings ? It was better with my 300€ Logitech G29 :(

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