Fanatec Shipping Tracking?

I am very confused, I spent a lot less at other Sim Racing PC sites and have had great communication on very small purchases. Just spent over $1600 with Fanatec which is the highest i have ever online and I get nothing sense the 15th. Says Completely shipped and all the quantity's are right. I have emailed Fanatec for an update twice and have received no response. I was planning on purchasing more wheels for the CSW but am probably not now. I understand the current situation with Covid-19, but they stated no changes in shipping is why i purchased the bundle. I consider this very unacceptable due to the price spent per purchase. You can not receive large amounts of money from customers and leave them hanging. I also should have done more research on Fanatec Forums before my purchase. I was so looking forward to the bundle which would have been a great upgrade for me, I picked Fanatec for that upgrade due to the ecosystem. I know Thrustmaster isn't at this level of quality but are far superior when it comes to purchasing. Doesn't matter if you sell a great product if you cant get it to your consumer.

Sincerely, Joe

PS: Could've been a lifetime customer but now i'm just Salty


  • I also spent 1500 dollars on the 15th and I recieved and email saying my Dd2 was shipped but I never received a tracking number. I've called I've emailed I've opened support tickets I've had paypal contact them for me but I have not heard back from them yet.

  • Well I received a tracking number this morning after my rant previously. It says a label was created but Fedex does not have the packages as of now. Says I should receive everything on the 22nd of April. Seems like the people that get on the forums and vent their frustrations get tracking numbers shortly after. Maybe the rant was premature but still warranted. Christopher I would just hang in there, even though they state shipping has not been affected I think it has been and every shipment is taking longer then we or Fanatec expects.

    Thanks, Joe

    PS: still a bit Salty...

  • I seriously doubt you got the tracking number because you vented here. It can take a few days sometimes. You ordered on the 15th, (Wed) and got your tracking # on the 18th, Saturday morning. Not perfect, but not nearly the end of the word. They've been having some sort of issue with the web store, and they have posted about it. They have also posted about delays due to COVID that are beyond their control.

    Glad you are getting your stuff, but at least be fair in your criticisms. Even Amazon is having shipping delays and what not.

  • James,

    I live less than 5hrs away from LA. Everything i order that comes from that area takes two days or less ground shipping. I placed the order in the morning of the 14th and received the email stating everything had shipped on the 15th. So getting a shipping confirmation from a LA based warehouse i was expecting it by Friday the 17th. There is a lot of porch pirates and I will take a day off work when i spend this amount to make sure i am there to receive the package to prevent theft. I did not receive a tracking number to see when exactly it would be delivered. I think sending a shipping confirmation email to customers before a courier has picked up the package is what is causing all these "shipping, Tracking" forums. Leave it as " in Process" in till it is actually picked up by a courier. I fully understand the situation and would not have typed a thing if it wasn't for the shipping conformation email saying everything had shipped. I still love what Fanatec offers and hope to make more purchases. Fedex this afternoon now has my shipment, 5 days(3 Business) after the shipment confirmation email. Wasn't trying to bash anybody or brands. I appreciate your input and yes we need to cut them some slack.

    Sincerely, Joe

  • Joe,

    I hear you. Hopefully in the future, they'll get this ironed out.

  • As of the 23rd I have received everting. I’m coming from a G29 setup. I spent a lot with this Fanatec bundle and now that I have gotten it....There is no comparison. The Fanatec gear looks and feels way above Logitech. The amount of money spent on this setup is what made me very vocal in the Forums about the shipping, had I owed or experienced Fanatec product in the past I would have not mentioned anything about shipping. Being the quality of the equipment I would have gladly waited any ship time. Extremely happy with my purchase and have purchased the V2 wheel and podium shifters as well. Thank you Fanatec I am a lifer....

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