No tracking number for my DD2 that I ordered on the 16th. No response after 2 support tickets.

Hello, I ordered the DD2 a couple of days ago and then I received an email saying it was shipped. That email was on the 16th.

Whenever I order from fanatec I always get an email but I didnt get ome this time and I've heard horror stories about people never getting Tracking numbers and then wheeveryone n they have their financial agency contact fanatec, Fanatec tells them it was delivered days ago. Those kinds of things.

I know you guys are busy but I would like to have my mind at ease knowing I can track that package.

Everyone raves about simucube 2pro but much much consideration and self debating I went with you Fanatec.

One reason was because I knew I wouldnt have to wait 2months for my Base.

Thanks for reading i have the order number if you need it.

I've been trying to call during proper hours but after pressing 1 your phone service just loops and starts over everytime.

I've emailed and opened support tickets

Can someone send me my tracking number please.

Thanks and be safe guys.


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