The DD2 only works on my computer.

I have a question for those who use Panatech DD

As a feedback problem (based on Panatech's recommended setting), I sent it to gt gear, but there was no problem as a result of cross-testing in the showroom and I got it back.

The problem is, on my computer, the feedback in the game is too weak to play.

I had an Xbox one X at home, so I tested it with Forza Motorsport 7, and the feedback was much better than the i-racing that I connected to the main body.

This means ... it's a hardware & software problem on my computer.

(I tried Windows several times through reinstallation and driver reinstallation.)

However, I couldn't find a solution.

The computer specifications are as follows.

Ryzen 3900X

RTX 2080ti

16GB (1300Hz-> 1800Hz over)

Seesonic Gold 850W Power

1TB GB Pcle4.0 Nvme

Computer specifications are not lacking.

To tell you exactly the problem symptoms ...

After giving the recommended setting value to DD2 based on the Panatech recommended setting value

I connected to i-Racing and connected for the first time after reinstalling Windows, so I used wheel center cali, pedal cali, shifter, etc.


For your reference, when holding the wheel center here, turn it as far as possible to the left and to the right as much as possible.

Normal feedback intensity was felt.

Then, if you apply Panatech's recommended setting value to eye racing and play with Mazda ...

It means that I can hardly feel the force feedback.

(The Porsche 911 RSR has more feedback than Mazda, but the feedback strength is too weak compared to others.)


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    I solved the vibration problem. I solved it by initializing the motherboard. However, power has not been restored. And with this experience, I found that the compatibility between Gigabyte motherboards and Fanatec DD2 is not good.

  • The Fanatec technical support team will ask for solutions to compatibility issues for gigabyte motherboard users.

  • That’s iRacing and the Mazda has a lot of power steering. In the recommended settings from Fanatec it also states that it’s a starting point and you can/need to tweak for personal preference. Raise the strength in iRacing settings if you find a car to weak.

    In iRacing I play a bit with that setting per car. Some have a way to heavy feel and others are way to light.

  • What you said is what you are aware of. The problem is that the torque force is strange, especially when "Linear Mode" is selected, the torque force is significantly reduced by 3/1.

  • The point is that the current Strenght: 8.0 is used in the picture. If the device is normal, the Strenght: 6.0 setting value also gave me a very large torque value, but since the problem occurred, it gives me a very weak torque value.

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