[RESOLVED] CSW 2.5 calibration not working with PC2 / AMS2

I hope this is just a novice mistake (CSW 2.5 under a week), but I have issues calibrating CSW 2.5 + F1 wheel in PC2/AMS2.

  • Initially setup worked, angle/calibration is correct.
  • One day wheel doesn't react (but buttons are fine). Calibration is at 0.
  • Followed online advice to remove the controller setting file
  • Now calibration works, but incorrectly calibrates - wheel moves ~25% slower than it should be
  • Followed the Fanatec AMS/PC2 setup guide
  • Reinstalled the drivers (official driver and latest beta driver)
  • In the USB Input Controller setting everything looks good
  • Switched SEN from auto to 900, and the same issue. It calibrates with Steering Range 97 and Steer Lock 296. Wondering if the lock is too low? I have seen 900 online.

Any thoughts? Given that the Fanatec software is showing everything correctly, and it is identical between PC2 and AMS 2.0, I assume I must be overlooking something obvious.


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