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Hi guys,

little question, when i open log folder in fanalab. I see data registered from december 2019. Things like this :

"              +------------- FanaLAB START-------------+

              |    FanaLab V1.23 BETA 16-12-2019  |


12/17/2019 19:22:01.200 | ERROR | PCUtilRegistry::GetRegistryValueCurrentUser [int] | Subkey: SOFTWARE\Endor\PodiumSuiteName: ITM | System.NullReferenceException: De objectverwijzing is niet op een exemplaar van een object ingesteld.

and a lot of this :

MinorId: 0

12/17/2019 19:27:48.029 | ERROR | PCThreadGameTelemetry::PrivateInitializeDll | GteDllInitialize Failed! MajorId: 10 MinorId: 0

My base is brand new purchased a week a go.

Does this mean its a revised base and they (accidently) send one or is it checked or something ?

Just curious because of the dates and the fact i just purchased it.

Kind regards



  • James WoodsJames Woods Member
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    Fanalab 1.23 came out last December. That is likely the date/time stamp of the files/software. Those errors have nothing to do with your base, but are related to the beta software.

  • ok that make sense.

    But there is data while this is a brand new base ?

    Is this common ? Take a look at this:

    MinorId: 0

    12/17/2019 19:33:04.043 | ERROR | PCThreadGameTelemetry::PrivateInitializeDll | GteDllInitialize Failed! MajorId: 10 MinorId: 0

    12/17/2019 19:33:04.049 | ERROR | PCForceFeedbackEffectDamper::StatusGet failed! -7

    12/17/2019 19:33:04.080 | ERROR | PCForceFeedbackEffectDamper::StopAndDestroy EffectDestroy failed! -7

    12/17/2019 19:33:04.081 | ERROR | PCDeviceWheelTuningMenu::PrivateDataSet m_bWheelRemoved!

    12/17/2019 19:33:20.947 | ERROR | PCDeviceWheelTuningMenu::PrivateDataSet m_bWheelRemoved!

    12/17/2019 19:33:39.916 | ERROR | PCDeviceWheelTuningMenu::PrivateDataSet m_bWheelRemoved!

    12/17/2019 19:33:39.926 | ERROR | PCDeviceWheelTuningMenu::PrivateDataSet m_bWheelRemoved!

    12/17/2019 19:34:03.876 | ERROR | PCDeviceWheelTuningMenu::PrivateDataSet m_bWheelRemoved!

    12/17/2019 19:34:10.811 | ERROR | PCDeviceWheelTuningMenu::PrivateDataSet m_bWheelRemoved!

    12/17/2019 19:34:10.812 | ERROR | PCDeviceWheelTuningMenu::PrivateDataSet m_bWheelRemoved!

    12/17/2019 19:34:10.825 | ERROR | PCDeviceWheelTuningMenu::PrivateDataSet m_bWheelRemoved!

    And there is a lots of it.... so is it normal, is eveything tested before sending out..... or how else this kind of data wil be there.

  • What driver are you using for the wheel? Fanalabs 1.23 is only compatible with driver version 352 or higher.

    Fanalab 1.12 needs driver version 340 or higher.

    Note: You do not have run fanalab at all. It's available as a beta, which means it's not necessarily error free.

    I don't think there is anything wrong with your wheel as much as you are using a beta product, and possibly not using the minimum driver version requirement.

  • He James,

    I’m running fanalab 1.23 beta with latest beta drivers for the dd1 everything works like a charm.

    I’m running fanalab because I like the way my profiles are loaded when starting a game. And easy save of adjustment and more as the 5 standard profiles :)

    I just checked the log folder out of interest but as I said I saw all kinds of data with time stamps from a period that base should be i his packaging in the warehouse. Or maybe every wheel base have this info because that happends when the sofware is loaded to the base before they can sell it. Don’t know how it works but it just caught my attention and made me a bit scary it’s a revisited base, but that thoughts are based on nothing, just a feeling.

    thanks for you answers so far.


  • James WoodsJames Woods Member
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    No problem. I get it. I don't think they can legally sell a returned or refurbished anything as new without disclosing it to the customer. I am sure the date stamps and your order time frame are just a coincidence.

    All this stuff is made in china, so it is all packed up over there. Anything you get shipped is something that has been sitting in a warehouse waiting to be ordered. Your DD1 could have been made months prior to you ordering it and then shipped to the US, EU or AU warehouse where it sat until you ordered it.

  • When building the base they probably do some testing before it leaves the factory. So they probably turn the base on and do some checks if everything is working and they didn't forget a connection etc.. It's not that they build the base and put it untested in the box and ship it. There will always do some tests to validate if building the base was successful. Plus they also need to flash the current firmware probably.

    So if these logs come from the base it's very good possible that these are from during the fabrication of the base.

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