Defective Steering Wheel

On April 2nd, 2020 I placed the order for a BMW GT2, a CSL Elite and ClubSport V3 Pedals - received it on the April 7th - The steering wheel was defective, used for 2 hours and the base started to get a gap and a few screws came off - We are the 20th and since April 10th that I contacted Fanatec to ask to fix the issue asap and send a new steering wheel. They did not send a new one for replacement and are telling to first send the defective one via the cheapest way, then they will send me a new one - all this will probably take 2/3 weeks, I honestly don’t think it is very serious and professional from them - they did a mistake sending a defective steering wheel, not me! At any moment they’ve been capable of any apology for this inconveniences (happy to screenshot all the emails) - their attitude is very arrogant. As much as their products seem to be very good, their customer service is extremely poor so I will be sending everything back to them and dispute all charges as I expect they will charge a restocking fee and the shipment - very disappointed with them!


  • It is normal for any company to request the defective products returned prior to sending a replacement.

    Aside from the screws can you explain the issue in more detail?

    • What do you mean by Gap?
    • Which firmware did you install?
    • Was it happening with any specific game?
    • What settings are you using?

    Maybe it can be resolved without sending it back.

  • WOW! I could blame Fanatec for many things but not for quality of customer service, especially if you are using webchat. I;m trying to imagine your issues and only thing I could imagine that you did not tighten enough clamp, and did not frequently checked it. I Have CSL elite and my base is rock solid. Yes, the clamp gets loose after a while (depends on usage) and should be rechecked before use. bit that's basics - everyone knows that. And the other screws... Half year passed since I get my gear and everything is rock solid.

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