Anyone working at Fanatec North America????

I have lost the use of two different wheels since updating to Driver 356 for my Podium DD2 and have sent several emails and commented on the forum and absolutely no response, not even a "your request for support has been received".

I realize it is a difficult time but if you have closed up shop and gone home then at least post it on the web site so we no not to expect anything.

Please, what is happening?


  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    Hi Keith,

    Can you explain what exactly is happening after updating to 356?

    p.s When did you send an email to support?

  • Hi Joseph,

    I sent support request through your website on April 14 and April 15. It received no response so I'm not sure they even went through. I then used the 'contact us' link on probably April 16 and still no response. I have also posted in several threads about my issues and have had no response until now. So thank you for at least acknowledging my issue.

    I installed Driver 356 and followed the directions as carefully as possible. I was able to update WB FW to 670 and Motor FW to 38 with no problem. Prior to this I had no problem using my Podium Hub and BME but I didn't have use of ITM.

    So I then went to flash the firmware for the P_Hub and had no problem getting it to version 2.

    Then I tried to flash the FW for my BME and in the process it just stopped working and had nothing on the display. After that I couldn't even try to re flash it. So it was useless.

    I did update my F1 wheel and then tried to update my Mc Laren GT3 wheel. The McLaren wheel also went blank and the flash did not finish and I haven't been able to update it since. When I attach it to the wheel base the updater comes up automatically but the MODE: is for the CSW F1 V2 wheel and it doesn't even try to update.

    I have no idea how to re flash the McLaren wheel without a Boot Loader file or at least getting the wheelbase or driver to see it as a McLaren rather than the CSW F1 wheel.

    In an UPdate to the BME issue:

    I have documented my trial and tribulations on the BME 1.2 thread so you might reference that.

    However I found the boot loader file which a member posted on that thread and tried to use that to re flash the BME. I tried around 35 times al together and it never flashed more than 77%. It would vary between 1% and 30% mostly.

    I then got another P_Hub that I had loaned to my son and changed out the hardware and lo and behold it flash the BME using the boot loader exe file on the first try. I now have it working with ITM using the 1.24 version of FanaLab.

    So Now I only need to get the McLaren wheel working.

    IF you or anyone else can help I would be more than willing to do whatever testing is necessary to get it working. If you have any type of software or file that can get it back to the original firmware that would be great. It worked just fine until I attempted to re flash it.

    I use PC only. DD2 Base. Driver 356, Base FW 670, wheel FW 38, P-Hub FW 2, Triple screen setup with Fanatec shifter and two DSD button boxes. I use Huesingkveld Ultimate pedals and also use the Sim Hub and Otter Hub software while mostly using R3E these days. Have all other racing games for testing and use.

    BTW: the new fanalab really seems to make the wheel work very nicely!

    Stay safe and thanks, Keith Griffall

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Keith,

    I have check our system, and our support team replied to you on the 16th. Perhaps the message went into your spam folder?

    Best regards


    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Thanks Dominic,

    I did check my spam folder but I will just assume that is the case and I really just wanted to make sure that they received something. Mostly in case your web site wasn't working as expected. I will check my email again to see if I can spot where it went. - Keith

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