Podium F1/DD1: What's the Best Way to Switch Between PS4 and PC?

Recently bought the Podium F1, inverted pedals V3, and Clubsport shifter Sq v1.5.

My kids like to play on PS4 but Dad likes the PC, so we're switching between the two rather often. I have not (fingers crossed) had any issues once up and running on either PS4 or PC. I have had a few annoying issues when switching from console to PC, or vice versa (see below).

My question: Is there a preferred way to SWITCH and RECONNECT the Podium that might avoid some of these issues?

For example, would it be best to fully shut down the Podium before switching the USB cable from one device to the other? Is it best to shut down the PS4/PC and reboot once the Podium is connected? Any other ideas?

Issues have included:

-Not being recognized by the PS4 (no USB icon on the Podium display).

-Shifter disappears from Podium display (and does not function)

-Podium freezes completely (requires pulling power plug)

Otherwise been LOVING this setup!




  • I have the Podium F1 with V3 pedals, no shifter though. I frequently switch between PS4 and PC, and so far I haven't had any problems.

    I always close all the games on both systems, unplug the USB from PS4 (or PC) first, then switch the mode on the wheelbase, then plug the USB into the PC (or PS4). Then I will launch the game.

  • Right on. Glad to hear it's going smoothly for you. We just happened to do a PC to PS4 switch and it worked fine. I like the unplug, switch mode, plug protocol.

  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    Unplug from current source (pc/console)

    Switch wheel base into the mode to be used.

    Plug into source and power on

    Power on wheel.

    This is how I approach it and never have issues. Are your kids young? Make sure to keep it in Low torque mode if so. (Safety)

  • guys new to the f1 podium dd1 base. Play GTS . Any recommendations on wheel set ups? I have spent a lot of time on a track and this is violent compared to real life

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