No Rev lights on CSL Elite V1.1 on Xbox even after latest update.

CSL Elite V1.1 Wheel Base - firmware update Fanatec_64_driver_336_beta

CSL Elite Steering Wheel P1 for Xbox One

Hi, all. The rev lights on the wheel base have not worked since I bought the equipment and I thought they would work after updating the firmware, but no luck. They all light up when I switch the mode from Xbox to PC but turn off again when I go back to Xbox mode. Additionally, the "Rev Stripe" function on the steering wheel doesn't either. When I press the wrench button on the wheel the "Rev Stripe" display's S-1. I expect both problems are related.

These problems exist on any software, Asset Corsa, Asset Corsa Competione, Forza 7 and Project Cars 2.

Any ideas?


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