V3 Brake Pedal Vibration not working.

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I have searched and searched before resorting to posting this.

I have had my V3 inverted pedals since July19 along with CSW2.5 wheelbase and raced solely on iRacing. I used fanaleds since August 19 for the brake pedal vibration, and it worked brilliantly until around 2 months ago when Fanaleds where having some issues with their website and PCs thinking the software was malicious or something (i don't exactly remember) It was also around the time iRacing introduced its own brake rumble support. That is when my rumble stopped working so i have since raced with no brake rumble at all.

I have just upgraded to the DD1 and would like to get the brake vibration working again. I know the motor works, because i get a good rumble when i click 'Test Brake Rumble' in the windows hardware page.

I have tried completely removing Fanaleds but iRacings own support wont work for me. I have tried using SimHubDash with no luck. I have recently installed fanalab, that wont work for me either, still no rumble in game. I have also tried reinstalling fanaleds, but nothing.

I have tested with vibration in game ticked and un ticked.

I am wondering if there is something within my iRacing files that has changed the vibration support and if i need to completely remove iRacing and re install.

All my firmware and drivers are up to date.

My brakes have always been plugged into the PC by usb. When i unplug the USB and plug directly into the wheel base, i do get the rumble in game, but i my brake pedal is rubbish. It wont take as much pressure, i lock up with only 1 third of my normal input and the brake progression is jumpy (when i watch the brake pedal in calibration as i press it gradually, the bar goes up jumpy and not smooth and progressive) I certainly can not brake well with it like that.

It is not the end of the world racing without the rumble, i just use my ears and the tyre sound for threshold braking now, but it was a very nice indicator for braking on the limit when i had the rumble.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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