FANATEC PS/2 to 3x3pin adapter to connect to Leo Bodnar BU0836A 12-Bit Joystick Controller


Three potentiometers (pedals) are to be connected to a control unit (instead of the steering wheel Leo Bodnar BU0836A 12-bit joystick controller). Not directly, however, but from the RJ socket with the Fanatec cable to a PS/2 socket, then to the control panel. The RJ socket only occupied 5 of 6 pins? The control board needs 9 pins occupied?

So the goal is to manufacture a FANATEC PS/2 female to 3x3 pin plug adapter for the Leo Bodnar board.

Can someone help me with the wiring plan, please? I don't know for sure where the conductor tracks run, i.e. the RJ socket is assigned and how the PS/2 connector is assigned and why the number of pins first drops from 6 to 5, then is 9 again.

I know I want to take a detour, but I want the adapter to be plug and play and I don't have 3 3 pin female to 3 pin female adapter to bypass the RJ board on the pedal base



  • It´s the one with three pedals and simple aluminium plated design, it has three analog potentiometer.

  • "from 6 to 5, then is 9 again" of course from 9 to 5 to 9.

  • Does anyone know? I asked Fanatec, but they replied they can´t answer it. I don´t plan earning money with a dapter, I just want one for myself.

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