V3 pedal properties won't appear

Hi All,

SO, yesterday I got a new wheelbase and wheel. Have been using V3 pedals via USB for few months.

I have downloaded all the latest (I think!) drivers to get the wheel stuff going great, but now I can't seem to get to the properties/tuning options for the pedals from the game controller menu.

It doesn't matter which if these I choose, they ALL take me to this, even when I choose the pedals:

Problem is that, as I am not connected to the wheelbase from the pedals, they don't show in the tests, and I also can't change the min/max settings anymore (which I need to, as there is a small interference from the brake to the throttle I have to dial out, plus I like to lower max for brake)

Anyone else come across this since the driver updates or something? When I installed the 'standard' drivers, not current beta 373, I could get in there fine.

Advice so very welcome, thank you!


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    Shut down the wheel base and then open the property page of the pedals. It's an issue since forever and there is no fix for it other than that workaround. Or connect the pedals to the base directly which is the better choice anyway to get Brakeforce adjustment in the Tuning Menu.

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