Quick Release with P1 Wheel on DD1 PS4

Good Morning,

I have a question about the usage of the csl P1 Wheel on the DD1 PS4.

I want to use my P1 Wheel which i used on the csl elite base on the dd1 ps4. So i need a Quick release like i have on the formula Clubsport F1 Wheel which comes with the DD1 PS4.

The Problem is, that i have on the P1 only the simple quick release and not the quick release which i can connect to the dd1.

Is the Quick release from the Shop working with the P1 wheel or what do i need to get the P1 Wheel work on the DD1 PS4 Base?

Here what ive found in the shop:


Wheel i want to use the QR above on the DD1 PS4 (The Wheel was includet in the CSL Elite Order):


Thx for the help.


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    You don't need anything, the simplified plastic Quick Release, which is hardmounted to your P1, is compatible with the DD out of box. However, you will be limited to Low Torque Mode (around 9Nm).

    It's not possible for the P1 to be upgraded natively to the ClubSport Quick Release Adapter.

    There are third party 3d printed adapter mounts available but even those won't enable Full Torque.

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