Fanatec Wheel Property Page Not Working

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Running the 2.5 wheelbase and v3 pedals and want to recalibrate the pedals......

However when i click on my fanatec wheel property page icon it takes me into to the basic microsoft controller page with my wheel showing as ok - then when I click properties (I get a brief splash screen saying something like initializing) then nothing - the fanatec config page will not display.......?

how can I fix this?


  • Uninstall the driver, restart the pc, install driver again, reboot the pc again - all with the Wheel base powered on. If that's not helping than switch to a different USB port.

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    Thanks for the reply.........

    1)what is the best way to uninstall it and where can I find the driver?(using win10)

    2)Last did a firmware/driver (assume they are in the same zip folder) long time ago so dont have it to hand - found on the fanatec site a v373 - assume this is the latest version ?(although does say beta) - or is there a stable version?

    3)If I am just installing the new driver do I really need to delete the old driver first - surely it will just remove if I try and install new one?

    4)Using fanaleds also - but noticed there is something called fanalab's now - can this also be used to config the pedals?

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    Hi mac,

    1) Hit start, type 'add or remove' and the "Add or Remove Programs" option should be the first suggestion. You will find the Fanatec Driver Package in there, with the option to uninstall.

    2) Yes, 373 is the most recent beta. It is stable.

    3) It is better to uninstall the old one first.

    4) Fanaleds is a third-party app that we can't provide support for. FanaLab is created by Fanatec. It is an optional app that allows Tuning Menu access (on supported devices), and some additional customisation of displays, LEDs, vibration motors, etc. It is not possible to manually calibrate pedals in FanaLab. Pedal calibration is done in the driver.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

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    thanks have located the fanatec driver package so will delete this and isntall the 373 (is there a latest non-beta version of these drivers?).

    also as part of this driver install process will it ask me to update the firmware on my wheel? (assume the driver package includes both driver and firmware?)

  • It will tell you if the driver contains newer firmware for your hardware, and you'll have the choice to upgrade or not.

  • I have just had this on my dd2 , worked a couple weeks ago and never had any issues. Removed driver reinstalled with wheel on and off with no luck. Using 373 . Bit stumped

    Anybody any ideas

  • update if anybody else has this. The issue was caused by USB not being recognised. I deleted the device from withing Bluetooth and other devises rebooted and when the wheel found its USB again all was well

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