Podium DD2 display problems White and Black + force feedback

Hi has everyone,

has anyone ever had this problem?

yesterday my dispaly started to do so,

if I try to change settings from my wheel in game it loses all feedback forces

i also tried to update all over again but the problem persists

I have already asked Fanatec for support, my purchase was in June 2020, I also ask for help from the community

Thank you all



  • That definitely needs to be repaired or replaced by the Fanatec Support, so please just wait for them to get back to you with instructions how to send back the base.

  • Thanks Maurice Böschen

    for the quick reply

    Fanatec has already sent me the data for the return ...

    I just hope they are quick to repair or replace it,

    I know that equipment can happen to break down

    but having paid € 1500 and after 4 months it is already broken

    annoys me a lot,

    I will keep you updated on the solutions that Fanatec will do

    and the reasons for this failure


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