Fanatec teams up with WRC

We’re excited to announce our official partnership with WRC eSports! 

The multi-year agreement means that all upcoming WRC eSports activities will be powered by Fanatec equipment, and it also gives us time to develop dedicated products for sim rally driving in close cooperation with WRC. 

The first Fanatec-powered invitational WRC eSports event already took place in January, ahead of the start of Rallye Monte-Carlo in Monaco. Unfortunately other real rally events are postponed for now due to the current global situation, and we’re all looking forward to their return, but for now, online WRC sim events are the best way to enjoy this thrilling sport. 

To kick off the partnership, we’re backing this week’s #RaceAtHome WRC Weekly Challenge in WRC 8. Available from tomorrow (April 23rd) to anyone playing WRC 8 on all platforms, the task is to master Rally Argentina’s El Condór special stage. The WRC Weekly Challenge presented by Fanatec will stay open for a week. Good luck!

An all-new WRC-branded steering wheel will be launched later this year, here’s a teaser:


  • I know you are carefull not to reveal too much too soon but is there a 1% possibility you guys will come out with a wheel with a wrc style flappy paddle system?

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    I forsee a new handbrake, perhaps a v2.0. And a rally-styled SEQ shifter. A rim with wrc flappy would be cool too, if Van Der Plas is correct, hehe. The only thing I don't like is branding cause it ups the price a lot; Unbranded clothes are good priced and good quality. Branded clothes are the same, but more expensive because of the brand aka 'see me wearing this. Imma cool'

    I am curious what Fanatec come up with.

  • Interesting!

    Is the teaser an image of how the wheel will actually look, or more like a "concept"?

    (since it looks very much like the current P1 wheel)

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    About time they stepped away from making F1 style wheels. Looking forward to some WRC gear. Hope it’s more than just a PS4 wheel with just WRC slapped on

  • Nice to see new products, but you still have unfinished business on the Podium series....

  • Please make sure this wheel has a quick release option (and the wheel track is an optional sticker). Looking forward to it.

  • I'd like to see some GT3 wheels. I know we have the McLaren, BMW GT2, etc. but this Ferrari wheel would be awesome.

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    Ferrari licence is bound to Thrustmaster I believe... But, if I am wrong, then YES, THAT wheel would be my dram one!

  • My guess is a P1 Wheel Rim, as shown on the picture , with the Quickrelease Adapter, just like the Mclaren wheel, sold for around €300,-

    looking forward to that, a nice addition imo

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    I have seen this product at They have huge collection of these products.

  • Rather excited about this partnership.  My wishlist would be handbrake, wheel with 'proper' shifter paddle and then another shifting option in that order...  Well done Fanatec, I'm excited! 

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