CSL Elite 1.1 wheelbase powers on, LEDs cycle once, then wheelbase powers off, no wheel test


As of this morning, my CSL Elite 1.1 wheelbase will not remain powered on long enough for it to perform the steering wheel movement that happens each time it turns on.

When I press the power button, the LEDs light up, and right when it would normally start moving the steering wheel, the wheelbase powers itself down.

I can get into bootloader mode, so I uninstalled the v373 drivers, installed the v336 drivers and updated firmware to the firmware to what is packaged with the v336 drivers. Restarting the wheel after updating firmware successfully restarts the wheel, LEDs flash, wheel self-check movement happens and it remains on. If I power it off, and press power button to turn the power on only the LEDs come on before it powers down again.

Because it won't power on normally, I have not tested any games after restarting the wheel from the bootloader screen as if there are problems I do not want to make them worse.

I could use some help here, and can provide further details if needed.


  • clarification: while the wheelbase does restart if I get to bootloader mode and select the restart option from the window that comes up on my PC, getting into bootloader mode is .. weird and takes a long time, like close to 30 seconds

    while holding the power button down to get into bootloader mode, the small white light on my universal hub on the connected wheel flashes white briefly every 2-3 seconds, the wheel slips about 1mm to the right when this happens and the motor engages slightly; this happens about 10-15 times while holding down the power button, before it stops flashing the LED light on the universal hub, and then after about 10 seconds, it goes into bootloader mode

  • update: wheelbase shuts itself off now after any level of moderate FFB

    still unable to open a support ticket through website

  • edited October 2020

    support ticket opened a moment ago

  • Same issue. Did you get it resolved?

  • ended up sending it in for an RMA repair, it is at their repair facility as I type this

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