Brand new CSW2.5 functional 450 deg left turn, hard locked right turn at 320 deg.

Random issue suddenly popped up, after 2 days of flawless use; I find that the wheel is incapable of utilizing the full 450 degrees of turning when turning right. Turning the wheel left functions as expected, with some FFB kicking in at around 440 and it locking fully at 450. Turning to the right, FFB begins locking at 300, and rapidly gets stronger past 320, with me being unable to get it past 380 degrees of rotation. I am on latest firmware and driver v373. Also of note when the wheel is turned on and off, and does its own calibration it stops at this ~320 degrees point and then turns to the full 450 degrees left.


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    You'll need to take this up with Support via the site I think.

    If the wheel is powered off, do you feel a difference between turning left and right? Do they reach the hard stop equally (no difference in resistance)?

  • Just tested it without power to the wheel, it maintains the same issue. Approximately ~300-320 degrees for the hard stop on the right, while left still had 450 degrees.

  • A hard stop at ~300 degrees to the right definitely sounds like a hardware problem. Since the wheel is new, just contact Fanatec Support through the website (request RMA).

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