What is more important to you when you buy?

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I am one of those who love online shopping or mall shopping but for you when you buy something, what is most important to you: price, quality, fashion trend, status/image?


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    I do love online shopping especially now pandemic and I am attracted to the quality and image of the product in the catalog.

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    Image, Is why I chose Fanatec. It just happened to be good. I could have gotten with the Thrustmaster T-GT, but when the Fanatec McLaren GT3 wheel came out. It was and is still GAME OVER for other wheels!

    Bought it at the time without EVEN having a wheelbase, same with Porsche 911GT3 R.


  • It's a price/feature ratio for me,

    like the FORZA Bunde on the site and the CSL Bundle.

    Or www.worktime.com software e.t.c.

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