Universal Hub Buttons / Shifter Paddles on Podium Hub


is there a way to get the Universal Hub stuff working on Podium hub? Sensors and signaling are the same I guess? I mean a shifter is a shifter (on/off) and a button is a button (on/off) and an enocder is ... ah you get the point. The connectors are different, but the signals stay as is I guess.

Is there a way to get my hands on those new pins connectors, so that it's possible to re-crimp the cables to work with the Uni Hub?

Apart from that, I didn't found any buttons to purchase for the Podium Hub separately. I don't want the Porsche Button Plate, as it's too expensive for what a buggy product it is since it's release. At least it seems that way reading through forums and watching YT videos. So simply buttons would server my needs. Plus some encoders of course. 😊

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  • No, you cant.

    You can only use two button clusters and the APM or MPM. The regular Shifters and additional button clusters and the Funky Switch all wont work on the P Hub.

    Alternatively, all third party button plates of course will work too, if connected via USB to your pc.

  • Thanks for the answer. So no connectors to recrimp possible? :)

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