Responds time ticket - Europe

Hi Everyone,

has anyone have a global idea how fast you can receive feedback on a ticket you've created?

I've received my "CSL Elite F1® Set - officially licensed for PS4™" bundle on Tuesday the 13th of October, but when I wanted to setup everything I found out the pedals weren't working.

I've done all the testing I could find on the forums but not in anyway I was able to get any life from the pedals. (PC and PS4)

I've created a ticket in the evening on the 13th stating what I've tried and what to do next.

Sadly, after 24 hours I haven't received any feedback. Maybe I'm inpatient at the moment, but I really was looking forward to upgrade my set with Fanatec for the first time only to find out I spend 700EUR on broken equipment.

So long story short... Does anyone have an idea on the current responds time in Europe? I'm looking at 24/48h, days, weeks?

Kind regards,



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