Noise DD1

Basically I'm happy with my DD1, but it's unacceptable that the knocking sounds when they hit something.

Is there a way?

It bothers the household members a lot


  • Hi Paweł,

    It's difficult to know exactly what you mean. Can you provide a video?

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Hi Paweł,

    It could be multiple things making noise there. Obviously you are using very high forces (looks too high for that car to be honest), so naturally there are going to be some noises. Aside from the high strength, your other force feedback settings can contribute to this. Low NDP, NFR, and NiN values, for example.

    There could be something loose, or it could be your rig. Check all bolts. It could be the quick release also, check that the locking ring is secure when you attach a wheel. Also worth checking the bolts inside the quick release near the pins (both wheel and base side).

    At the end of the clip, you release the wheel, which again naturally will create more noise because your arms are no longer acting as a damper. The wheel is free to spin wildly, and it is bouncing off the soft limiter, which is also normal. You can reduce this characteristic in iRacing by changing this line in the app.ini (found in PC \ Documents \ iRacing) :


    If you increase the value it will make the stops softer.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

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