Clubsport Formula V2 on PS4??

Im looking into getting a New Formula wheel for the PS4. I'm also getting the CSL Elite Wheelbase v1.1 and wondering if the Clubsport Formula V2 will work with this to be used on PS4?? If anyone knows and could help, it would be much appreciated


  • Hey Scott,

    you can use the Formula V2 on the PS4 with a compatible Wheel Base. The CSL Elite V1.1 is NOT compatible with the PS4.

    You would either need the CSL Elite WB+ or the Podium Racing Wheel.

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    Thanks Sascha!

    I meant the Normal Csl Elite Wheelbase, the one that comes with the CSL Elite Racing wheel, if you know which one im on about,

    Would that wheelbase work with this formula wheel??

    Most importantly, does this Formula wheel work with Gran Turismo Sport???

  • Ah okay. Then you have the CSL Elite WB+. Yes the V2 works fine with GT Sport :)

  • Ah okay! Sorry for another question, but do you know if it works with F1 2019?? and Thanks for your help!

  • Unfortunately I can't comment on F1 2019 on console. on PC it works like you want it to as you can map every button as you like.

    You're welcome :)

  • Okay nice! from what i've read, most people can! Thanks!

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