Brake trouble Clubsport pedals v2

Hello guys 😁

Well first off im a new user to fanatec gear and lovin it!

I managed to secure a solid deal on a old and dirty fanatec csl seat and also a csw v1 with a formula v1 black wheel and the clubsport v2 pedals. And after a good clean on this and that and abit of litium gease i actually had a nice rig.

A few good weeks of awesome racing go by and I decide to order a seat of fresh set of "bbj simracing" pu damper kit and freshen up the brake feel/touch and installed the kit.

And then the brake didnt work no more :/ i didnt get a signal or reaction at all from the properties page on fanatec software. Cluth throttle and even the vibrations on the brake works though.

I recon that ive managed to brake the load cell. Because when tryin to remove the original fanatec PU foam damping kit i had a srsly hard time to remove it, and I had to really force it out. It was rock solid with old dried up oil inside. And with the new bbj simrace kit installed the brake was almost impossible to push down and well, i pushed really damn hard on the brake and could have damaged the load cell at that point or even tryin to remove the original PU foam kit aswell

Ive bought two new load cells from fanatec obv and currently awaiting delivery. The whole point of this thread is basicly to troubleshot with you guys. Because im not a 100% sure its the load cell..

Maybe some body has had the same issue/trouble as this or maybe have a tip/clue? And also, when tryin to get the brake working all suddenly on the properties page it showed a handbrake as well....

Im very confused about this hole ordeal but really hope the new load cell will fix the brake so i can get back to burning some rubber!!

Well that was my first thread on fanatec forum, hope yall have a good night/day or whatever it may be!

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