Vibration in iRacing

Dear All,

Since I have installed a new Porsche wheel, I have got unwanted vibrations in my pedals which I did not have before. I am still using inverted V3 but the vibration options are greyed out in Fanalab, any idea why and if anything can be done ?

I don’t mind the rev limiter but would want to get rid of the orthers (wheel spin, lock, abs ...)



  • More setup info:

    • DD2
    • Inverted V3 plugged into the base
    • Porsche 911GT3 wheel


  • That the ABS and other toggles are set to enabled doesn't matter, they have no effect because iRacing doesn't send those Infos in their Telemetry.

    What you feel most likely is the native vibration which you need to disable directly in the iRacing options.

  • Thx. By any chance, would you know where they are exactly ?

  • In the settings Tab in iRacing. Something there is called vibration blabla and is enabled by default. That controls the vibration of your pedals, independent of what you have set in Fanalab because Fanalab can not control vibration in iRacing at all (beside engine vibration)

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    Thx. Found it. But that’s not it. It’s all unchecked already (see attached).

    It’s like the rev limiter vibrations are sent to both the brake pedal and the throttle pedal at the same time.

    I do not understand why changing wheel would affect the behavior of the pedals.

    There is something wrong there.

  • Same thing in ACC, I get the Rev Limter vibrations in the Brake pedal instead of the throttle.

    Any advice ?

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