CSP V3 Brake Vibration Always On


My brake pedal starts vibrating as soon as I plug the CSP V3 pedals in, with no pressure on the brake pedal. This happens regardless of whether I plug them in through USB directly or the RJ12 cable in to my CSW 2.5. Slight pressure on the brake pedal stops the vibration, but as soon as I release it, the brake pedal vibration motor starts again. I have tried reflashing the 1.3 firmware, recalibrating the pedals, and updating to the latest beta drivers. The vibration starts as soon as the board receives power, before Windows even fully recognizes the pedals. Thank you for any insight you all might have!


  • When you have plugged in the pedals and open the Fanatec Control Panel with the brake rumble motor still turning, what does the Control Panel show for the brake pedal input?

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