Finally a solution for failing hall sensors or magnets for my Club Sport Pedals V2

Until recently my Club Sport Pedals V2 were working just fine but recently my clutch pedal started to fail with random spikes. Currently I am using it for flying not for racing, so the clutch actually is a problem because it's needed for the rudder.

So I contacted Fanatec and I was very sad after realizing that Fanatec no longer sells the hall sensor as a spare part. They only sell the magnet, but my magnet looks just fine so who knows... When I bought these pedals I thought that because of their metal construction and hall sensors this would be the last pedals I would ever need but obviously I was wrong. The saddest part is that the pedals looks like new still today and it's a shame to just throw them in the garbage...

Anyways after watching videos on people fabricating their own pedals it occured to me to try something like that. So I went to amazon and purchased a package of 20x10K pots and connected them to the pedals.

It's working great so far, and in the future I will print some 3D parts to remove the metal hook I am currently using. I know It currently looks horrible but at least it's working really well and now I believe I won''t have to worry again: I don't see why the metal parts would fail and regarding the pots, WHEN they fail I will simply replace them with others.

I connected the pots to an old Logitech Extreme 3D (one pedal to the rudder axis and the other pedal to the slider axis) and then calibrated the joystick using DView. I upgraded recently to Win10 and another advantage is that I don't need to install Fanatec drivers (they actually install a windows service that I don't want/need to be running always wasting resources)

Hopefully someone finds this useful, and let me know if you need more pics


  • You've been quite innovative haven't you? I'm surprised they didn't have any replacement hall sensors for you? Wondering if it's because perhaps the V2 pedals are outdated or discontinued?

    I have the V3 pedals with hall sensors of course and what a superb pedals set that is in every way. The hall sensors they say last quite a long time as opposed to potentiometers. I'm hoping though that God forbid if or when I need replacement hall sensors for it they have in stock.

  • If you do not plan to sell your pedals, then probably it would be a good idea to buy a magnet and hall sensor spare part for your V3 now that Fanatec still produces them.

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