Podium Button Module Endurance not working with Podium F1 DD base

Brand new Podium F1 PS4 base and matching wheel arrived yesterday and work perfectly!

Porsche GT3 kit (Podium hub, Advance Paddle Module, Button Module Endurance & Porsche rim) arrived today. When I attach the GT3 wheel to the base, the pedal and wheel icon disappear on the base. The only icon that remains is the gear shift. No buttons or paddles work on the wheel, however the OLED is displaying FANATEC.

I’m concerned about updating firmware on the brand new base after reading some post here about damage.

please advise!


  • Did you downloaded Software Package 1.2 on your pc and flashed your Wheel Base to the newest firmware?

  • I downloaded the latest firmware but I haven’t done the software package 1.2 Where do I get that?

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    Thats your problem. Your Firmware is nearly a year old and completely outdated and by far not the latest one so it doesnt know that there is a product called "Button Module Endurance" or "Podium Hub". Head over to the webshop page of the Wheel, click on download Tab and there you find the Software Package. Follow the instructions which are included and your problems are fixed :)

  • I just updated all the firmware to the latest version available from Fanatec. Sorry I posted the ‘before update’ pictures earlier.

  • Everything updated per another post in this forum regarding the Endurance module. Everything ‘appears’ to be working. Driving test next. Anxious to see what functionality is available when connected to the PS4.


  • It is the latest full release software. In nearly a year no other software has made it past the beta stage. Would be good to get a full stable release package to minimise peoples understandable confusion. It's unacceptable that to get functionality of these products we are forced to use beta software. Thee PBME was released last year and still no full release software - still stuck with only one ITM screen.

  • At least for me, this is high dollar stuff. The F1 DD & GT3 wheel kit are over $2K. I spent the extra money for added realism and functionality which I have yet to see. I guess I’m now on the waiting list with everyone else. 😥

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