CSW 2.0 and GT Sport?

Hi everyone

I am curious if anyone has had any luck getting CSW 2.0 working on GT sport? I know that it works on some games.


  • The CSW v2 is not ps4 compatible and only works on the very first ps4 games before Sony decided to make money with special licenses. GTS was released much later so no, it's not compatible. Only with DriveHub or other tools you can get it Emulator a G27 or so

  • Blah, Sony's marketing tactics about this stink... I suppose drivehub is ok for occasional dip on the console side of things anyway. CSW v2 was my dream wheel back in 2015 and it still is, not going to change till something breaks down and so far it hasnt *knocks on wood*

  • Check out GIMX. It's a software in which you can emulate a G29. I've been using it since day one with my old Driving Force GT until I bought a CSL Elite.

    Some people even use their direct drive wheels with it.

    To make it work you need an adapter (Arround 30€ or make one yourself), and a PC (Raspberry pi included).

  • I have old raspberry pi and I do electronics projects all the time, so this should be a worthwhile thing to check in to, thank you for this I had no idea what to look for.

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