QR locking ring bolt won't tighten..

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I have tried two QR locking ring bolts on my DD2 with a V2 formula rim and my GT rim and both of them do not lock. One bolt is 1mm longer than the other so this sometimes grabs a half turn however as soon as you release the colored QR ring the bolt then comes free by the pressure..

  1. Why is this designed like this with such little thread?
  2. Has anyone else noticed this?
  3. Can I use a normal fanetec bolt instead? The problem with this solution it will tighten and lock on the colored QR ring.
  4. Do I have to use this bolt at all?

I am trying to remove a little slop I feel at 15 Nm+ on counter steering moments on the V2 formula rim..


  • This screw is a purely optional screw and you dont have to use it at all. In fact, I never used it in 8 years...

    The DD came with a much longer screw, the short ones which come with the wheels won't fit on a DD. If you wanna use it then you need to use the longer one which came with the DD.

  • Thanks Maurice.. I cant seem to find the longer version. Is it shaped the same just with longer thread? The DD2 manual did not list it as a part so I could not remember if it came with the base or the wheel...

  • It is the same design but with a longer threaded part. It comes with all Podium wheel bases, not with the steering wheels. Some of the earliest batches of the Podium bases did not have this component. If you are missing it, please create a support ticket via the My Products section of your Fanatec account.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

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    Thank you for this info Dominic. It is funny you say the wheels did not come with this because my V2 formula wheel had this single bolt (picture in op) sealed in a little clear plastic wrapper and taped to the inside of the box. I checked my DD2 box and nothing was loose inside or taped inside however I did find a standard mid sized M6 bolt in my fanatec nuts & bolt stash that was sealed in the same clear plastic wrapper. I assume this may have come with my DD2 however I can not be certain. It can be used, the only difference is it secures to the outer portion of coloured QR unlike the design in the OP.

    I maybe chasing Fanatec for a new power brick and brake performance kit so I will see if they can add one..

    Add: I get what you mean now.. The Podium design bolt does not come with the wheel :)

  • All ClubSport Wheels come with the bolt but with a SMALLER bolt which is NOT suitable for DD bases which need their own one which comes with them.

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