[Resolved] Inverted V3 Vibration Issue

edited November 2020 in Pedals

Dear All,

Can anyone help me understand what is going on here with my pedals:

  • With nothing but the Windows Fanatec Wheel Properties open, when I press Test Rumble Throttle, there is no vibration in the throttle
  • When I press the brake pedal I get constant vibration without even pressing Test Rumble Brake.

Similarly in games, I get vibration in the brake pedal but no rev limiter vibration in the throttle.

Pedals were working fine before I switched to the Podium BME wheel.

Any help appreciated.



  • Do you have fanalab open and the vibrations enabled for the game you are playing? Took me months just to figure that out :p

  • Thanks but unfortunately Yes. The problem is I am not getting the vibrations were and how I want them. Not getting anything in the Throttle pedal and not sure what I am getting in the brake pedal but definitely more than I would like.

    It looks like a PBME driver issue to me but if that's the case surely others with the same gear should have this problem as well or may be I am overlooking something ...

  • The new version of Fanalab fixed the issue.

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