V3 pedals - how to set "combined pedals"?

'lo there! ;)

I am using the V3 pedals combined with the BMW GT2 rim and a Simucube 2 Pro.

As I wished to play ancient "Need For Speed Most Wanted" (2005), I need to have "combined pedals".

But there's no such option in the V3 control panel. Only place to find that option is in the ClubSport Wheel Base control panel - but it (of course) does nothing because there's no such Wheel Base connected.

So is there any way of having trottle and brake pedals combined (throttle increases the value to a certain point in the center, brake decreases the value forther down beyond the center?


  • Thank you for all that valuable responses. :D

    Meanwhile, I solved the problem myself.

    Keywords: "vJoy" and "Joystick Gremlin"

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