V3 Pedal USB NO connection/intermittent after Fanalab 1.47B and PC Firmware 380 Updates

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Not very happy with V3 experience after two months of purchased. I'm not sure what's going on with my V3 if its software issue or hardware.

My direct connect using the RJ to the wheelbase do work, but I cannot use it because the Brake and Gas are inverted, so I cannot use in iRacing because there is no Inverted option. I ignore issue this due to I can use the USB route which work perfectly up until now.

Everything was working perfectly for two months and was still working for a few hours even after installing the new 1.47B fanalab and 380 PC Firmware.

My DD1 working perfectly still. What is odd is my USB connection from my v3 pedal will not register, where I do not see the wheel within the Fanatec Wheel Property...at first it will intermittent connect and disconnect, which is frustration when you are doing a run in iRacing

Now it does not connect at all with the USB...BUT if I direct connect the pedal using the RJ to the wheel base with the USB plug in as well, the USB connection registered and shows up, and then it would be intermittent disconnect while I play then just shut off the connection completely sometime.

Any ideas what to do?

Thank you

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