v3 pedals +Damper Kit + Brake performance kit?

If I get the hydraulic kit to go on the Brake pedal, do I even need the BPK, or does this make it totally redundant? Sorry if this is a dumb question.


  • I'd love to know how others use their damper. I have one waiting to be fitted but not sure which pedal to fit it to as I have the BPK installed already.

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    Most people including myself do not bother with the Damper on the Brake.

    However, the BRK Kit makes the V3's incredibly better. Most people agree that it makes the V3's so good that it should have been included with the V3's to begin with.

    The Damper is real popular on the Throttle. Eg., I like a heavier throttle to give me the ability to be more precise and even the optional black spring that comes with the V3's isn't stiff enough and so, I will be ordering the Damper for the throttle for that extra push back.

    So, Damper for Throttle Pedal and, BRK Kit for Brake Pedal.

  • I'm running a damper on my V3i's at the throttle AND the brake pedal with BPK.

    That's, because I just like that little more snappy rebound on the brake pedal and I'm using the soft setting of the BPK with more or less maximum throw. However, as Marlon said before, the sense is questionable, as the pedal throw is still very limited. To be honest, if the damper wouldn't have been included on the brake pedal with the V3i, I wouldn't have bought it....

    On the throttle it absolutely makes sense (this one I took over from a V3 set I've sold in the meantime and just kept it...).

    Nevertheless, the pedals setup is very individual and based on personal preferences. I would recommend to buy definetily the BPK and one damper. Mount it to the brake first to see if it suits you like me, if not (which is very likely), move it over to the throttle....

  • Hi guys, I just got my clubsport v3 INVERTED pedals and I would like to know which is the last update available for them, if you can help me please answer this. Appreciate it!!

  • Thanx to everyone for the advice.

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