CSL Elite Pedals + LC Firmware displaying 0.0 can't update or save settings

edited November 2020 in Pedals

Reinstalled the driver package from the product page (as well as trying the newer beta ones) and none of them are working. Each time it goes through the update process and shows that it completes successfully but when I check the Pedal Properties it shows Firmware version as 0.0 and that 1.9 is available for update. When I click to update I get the message about Wheel base v204 shown below.

I also can no longer set the brake setting. Each time I reopen the property page the slider is reset as shown in the second image. These where working fine until this weekend when I reinstalled everything. Didn't change anything on the hardware side. Am still plugged in through USB and have tried changing USB ports.


  • Discovered the problem after unplugging everything else. The button box I added (arduino based created in Simhub) is causing the problem. When I unplug the button box the pedal software goes back to normal. Don't know how to fix that but I have a CSW 2.5 coming today so maybe if I plug the pedals into the wheel base instead of the USB I'll be able to use everything together.

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