Tuning PS4 DD1

Just purchased the PS4 DD1. love it but have so menu questions.

  1. Recommended setups for gran truism sport?
  2. how do you exit tuning menu once done?
  3. can you update firmware with a mac?
  4. don't get any vibration from club sport v3 pedals?

Any suggestions would be appreciated


  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator
    1. You can look at the suggested settings under the Racing Simulations/Racing Games menu on the right for GT Sport
    2. Press the Tuning button again to exit.
    3. Yes, If you have windows installed via bootcamp otherwise not under MacOS
    4. This must be supported by the game itself on consoles. You can always enable ABS function to simulate brake vibrations.
  • Windows in parallels VM on a mac also confirmed as working for updates.

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