Formula V2 Wheel / F12020 / PS4 Mapping Explained?

I know that the exact functionality is dependent on the game developer, but...

Can someone give a clear breakdown of what works and what doesn't with this wheel / game / console combination?

Am I right that this game doesn't support the thumb dials, on ps4?

Am I right that this game does support (in some way) use of all of the rotary dials on the front of the wheel, on ps4?

What else is there to be aware of, particular when deciding whether to get this wheel or the esports wheel?

Thanks already you lovely lovely people.


  • You can use/map almost every input device of this wheel except for the left joystick.

    The thumb encoders are working well.

    The 12 point rotary switches can only be used as rotary encoders (like the thumb encoders), so the game will only recognize in which direction you turned it, not the actual position of the switch.

    The left joystick is working fine in PS4 menu but not in F1 2020.

    I have the CSL elite wheel base + / Clubsport Formula V2 Wheel / CSL elite pedals with loadcell

    I also own the Podium Advanced Paddle Module (APM). It works fine also, but you won't have the clutch bitepoint mode in F1 2020. All 6 paddles are mappable.

    Hope i could help.........

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