hi I do not have this feature in the program on the computer so I can change the steering wheel

there is no tuning menu even though it says in the manual that it should do so


  • which driver and which wheel base are you using?

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    I have a similar problem with my CSL E 1.1. When I first installed the drivers the Tuning menu tab had all adjustments available and after upgrade to 380 when I select the Tuning menu tab I get "Your current wheelbase does not support tuning menu features". I can still tune my wheel through the wheel menu but the properties of the game controller doesn't allow it. Also the Fanalab tuning function isn't available even though it recognizes the wheel base and WRC wheel correctly. No issues with the CSL E Pedals w/LC brake.

    PC driver 380

    WB FW 679

    SW FW 1

    Fanalab 1.51

    Any ideas?

    Also, is there an approved (non beta) driver that ships from the factory I can revert to? I would like to narrow down what the issue is so I can get this function's much easier to tune the wheel through the app than using the wheel stick.

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