clubsport pedals v1 brake problem

i have the old silver coloured pedals and i'm having an issue where the brake only registers at about 20% in the pedal properties (0% if i turn the knob fully counter clockwise and about 20% if fully clockwise). I can't find a copy of the manual online so not sure what to try. Does anyone have any advice? thanks


  • i pulled everything apart and put it back together again and now it works..... so crisis averted but open to any suggestions as to what might be different.... :-)

  • Hi Danielj,

    I'm not sure why that would have helped but my guess is that the issue was related to the sensitivity knob. Your reassembly may have helped to remove some dust.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Hi there pal good to know you resolved it, tell me something i have the same clubsport V1 pedals as you th nice silver ones that weigh a ton lol im new to all this but i wanted to make sure they are operating correctly so what software do i download as when i look on fanatec page there isnt any options for V1 pedals so i clicked on discontinued and selected V2 and downloaded driver 64bit v261 did i do the correct thing as its not clear to me what v261 means or does lol, now when i open the properties page i can see throttle brake and clutch working when i press them but there is no option to set min or max like other people who have clubsport pedals on youtube, just want to make sure what im doing is correct. Thanks in advance any help would really help me, my email is [email protected] if its easier to respond direct to me

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