BMW GT2 Wheel led malfunction

So got a fanatec setup not long ago but hadnt really noticed anything before today, there's some weird issue with my bmw wheel where the sometimes the display starts blinking, getting numbers stuck and if the motors are vibrating at that time they wont stop either. Sometimes its fine and works as intended, but then starts freaking out and is just very unstable. Pins inside the quick release seem fine and tried different drivers as well and the inconsistency remains.

I assume for it to work sometimes its not really a hardware issue? Someone ever had this happen on different wheels as well or should I contact support as it might as well be a faulty device


  • I have the exact same issue with my BMW wheel. Even after being sent away for repair, the issue still remains.. I’ve asked for a refund, just waiting for a reply.. 😞

  • Well thats depressing.... Especially since when it does work it is a great piece of hardware 😐️

  • If I were you mate I’d be asking for a replacement. Don’t even bother sending it away for repair, they told me they couldn’t replicate the issue but they went and replaced the main cable anyway. Still no good 😞

  • Hi Chris,

    Please don't discourage others from sending in equipment for assessment or repair. I'm not sure why the process was unsuccessful in your case, but that is not the norm. If you are still having issues you should continue to communicate with support until we can fully resolve it.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

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    Hi Dominic

    Im sorry mate I won’t write things like that in future. I’m only trying to help someone not go through what I’ve just been through, a terrible experience. 😞

    If a product is faulty from new don’t you think the only reasonable thing to do is offer a refund or replacement? Not a repair! Especially considering the price we pay for this equipment.

  • If there is an obvious defect from opening the box or within the first few hours of use, then you can indeed request a full refund and order a new unit. This is why we have the 14 day return policy, and we are quite flexible about that, particularly with the extended response times at the moment.

    But if something goes wrong another time during the warranty period, then we try to repair first. If the issue is not repairable, then the unit is completely replaced. If problems continue, then we will also continue to troubleshoot, for example if the issue stems from a different component, or maybe something non-Fanatec related. We will keep helping the customer until they are fully satisfied. If that ultimately means that they want a refund, then we can accommodate that too, but we want to explore all other options first.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • My BMW steering wheel was not even one week old before I had to contact support, not once was a refund or replacement mentioned to me.

  • The repair RMA was initiated because that is the standard procedure when you create a support ticket. You have to specifically request a refund in order to go that route.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

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