fanatec csw v2.5 base firmware

fanatec csw v2.5 base firmware

Hi everyone, I have a problem with my fanatec csw v2.5 base. As things were initially, a microcontroller died on it, I rewired it for a new one. And now the question arises about the firmware, I bought a programmer, I found the hex v037 firmware. The steering wheel half came to life, began to turn on but the computer is not detected. I started experimenting with the firmware that comes from the manufacturer. But there all the firmware is not valid. since I need a target file, and there it is split into each detail and they do not fit. Now the question arises, can any of you have one or is it possible to pump out the firmware from your steering wheel? I would be grateful for all the answers. P.S. on version v2 firmware did not help either


  • I find it difficult to understand what you did. You bought a programmer? You found the v037 firmware?

    It seems that you got a new main board for your wheel base and installed it?

    If you have a recent Fanatec driver installed on your PC, you can install the firmware directly from the driver (when you open the Fanatec Wheel Properties screen, the driver will actually notify you if it contains a newer firmware version than the one installed on your wheel base).

  • We bought a microcontroller for the board, found the firmware, only it does not work as it should. 

    The computer does not see the connected device.Therefore, you need to flash the microcontroller through the programmer

  • So you replaced a component on the CSW v2.5 main board? And the programmer is something like a PicKit 3?

  • I think you should contact Fanatec Support about this. When I was still doing repair work for them I did reprogram a couple of CSW v2.5 using a PicKit 3 device so there is a procedure. Not sure if they are willing to share it though, but you can ask them. Your wheel base is not working at this moment anyway.

  • and how to contact them? Can't you take a firmware dump and send it to me?

  • You should create a support ticket by logging into your Fanatec account, and going to the My Products section. Your registered products appear there, and you should see a Support button next to each one. If your product does not appear here, you may need to add it manually.

  • Good morning Forum group ... 
    I am from Argentina and I have a query ... I bought the FANATEC servo v2.5 and I have armed the UNIVERSAL HUB ... 
    I am running in a category of silumacion from Argentina and with this servo I CANNOT get the tension and centering 
    force without having activated the FFB ... that is to say ... for it to be tensioned and with tension force, it has 
    to have the FFB activated ... someone can tell me how I can achieve the force tensioning and centering without having 
    activated the FFB ...! Thank you ... coordinated greetings ...

  • If I understand correctly, you want to have a constant centering force and no FFB effects from the game?

    That is going to be difficult, as all forces of the wheel base are governed by the game. The only game-independent setting is the dRi setting that adjusts the overall friction of the servo, but no centering force.

  • Good morning REMCO ... Thank you very much for your kindness and human disposition ... I will keep in contact with 
    you for any news ... Kind regards from Agentina ...

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