DD2 crashes during races


Today, in iRacing, my dd2 suddenly locked the steering to the max left without any input on my side. The wheel did not respond for 6s, with no torque applied and stuck to max left in iRacing. After that time, it recovered but my race was over.

I had this yesterday and around 10 times before with older drivers (fanalab 1.47b pc 352 wheel base 669) and I updated yesterday in the hope this issue would disappear.

The issue today was different than crashes with previous drivers in two ways:

  • The base recovered after 6 seconds, without a restart. I had to turn off and on the wheel base before
  • The steering output maxed out to the left while before it got locked in position.

I cannot think of anything common to different occurrences to explainthe issue, it happens randomly, usually after one to 3 hours of use. The temperatures were around 40C° when this happened. I use a configuration with relatively high FFB of around 13 to 15Nm in some turns.

At this point I cannot trust my dd2 to use it in a race before this gets fixed. I'm losing tons of rating and the experience is extremely frustrating. It goes without saying that this level of reliability is unacceptable for a 1500€ device.

Is this a known issue ? Is there anything I can do to fix this ?

There is nothing in fanalab logs, for which most information seems to be disabled by default (and at the time of the crashes).

Please find attached a screen recording of the last crash.

My setup :

  • Fanalab v1.51
  • PC driver 380
  • Wheel base firmware v679
  • Wheel base motor firmware 40
  • Steering wheel (CS formula v2) firmware 37
  • Wireless quick release firmware 6

I'm posting here because I could not create a support ticket, every time I submit I get a message that my title and message are empty.



  • Hi Xavier,

    This sounds like a USB connection issue some others reported before. There are multiple things you can check and try.

    • Make sure windows is not allowed to power save USB devices like the base by going to the device manager and un-checking the box. Screenshots below.
    • Try a different USB port like USB 2.0, 3.0, front USB on the housing, on the back the ones of the mainboard directly and so on. Some reported that a HUB was the issue, front USB or just a USB controller that was overloaded with a lot of devices plugged in.
    • Make sure it's not a loose cable or contact, you can carefully wiggle on the connected cables and see if connection might get instable.

  • If the wheel comes back to life after a couple of seconds it sounds more like a USB port problem to me. I had exactly this kind of "freeze" ones. I cleaned up the USB registry, changed USB ports and never had this problem again. You also want to disable power saving for the DD2 in the device manager.

  • Thanks Marcel and Sascha for the help.

    I never experienced such behaviour with my previous wheel, so I wasn't considering usb connection issues.

    I'll try your suggestions and give an update if it happens again (or not) within the next few days.

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