Simracing steering wheels storage: what about some cool flightcases?

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I have several steering wheels for my simulator (I am a reasonnable man, I don't have the whole collection, just the minimum) and I feel concerned about the storage of those wheels: I saw a scratch on my mclaren GT3 because of the storage at home (my fault) and I don't want it to happen again.

I know wallmounts are populars, but it doesn't prevent from dust, and I will have to move to a new appartment next year and all my simracing stuffs will probably be stored somewhere for some monthes.

I started to look on the web for some briefcase/flightcase but unfortunately, I didn't found the right one with the right dimensions. For example, this one was close but a bit short on height (had to apply a strong force on the top to close it) and the porsche 918 has a too big diameter .

I saw websites specialized in flightcase, you can ask for a tailored one and it will cost...270€ or more so let's go for a DIY session. I think the final cost will be about 70 to 80€ for one case.

It's still in progress, and it's the first one (so it's far to be flawless) but I am confident, in the end it's going to look great.

See you soon for more pics.

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