CSL Elite Wheelbase (Xbox One S) won't stop spinning

Hi Community,

I bought a CSL Elite Wheelbase including the P1 Wheel and Pedals plus Loadcell Pedal. While setting up everything I noticed, that sometimes the wheel won't stop spinning if I started to steer to one side. For example I'm starting a race and have to steer right in the first corner, after that it will go all right, then completely turn to the right and so on. It just stops when I stop it with both hands and a lot of force or when I switch to PC-Mode. It occurred in not only one game (Forza Horizon 4 and F1 2019), but it seems like the options of the wheel sometimes change that. If I minimize the FF-Setting (that's Force Feedback, right?) to about 40, the effect doesn't take place. I tried to go down in smaller steps from 100 to 40, and actually the movement to the right and left becomes smaller while lowering the number. With 80 it all in all moves about 450°, with 60 it's 360° and so on.

Addition: It also appears while I'm in the menu or doing other things than racing, so I guess this is not purposed.

Does anyone know this failure? Is this even a failure? My software version ist 475.

Thank you for your answers!


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