FFB and gearshifts randomly stop working during game

Hi all - I have a CSW v2.5 with carbon formula rim and am playing ACC

I will get random moments where the FFB will stop working (wheel goes light) and at the same time the paddles do not work.

I can still steer fine.

I have not been able to tell if the buttons also stop working.

This only lasts for maybe 0.5-2 seconds and then it returns again. Cannot pin down any kind of repeatable scenario.

I am running PC driver 356

Wheelbase FW 669

Motor FW18

As a side note - whenevr i use the Fanatev Wheel properties tool and click on my wheel it tells me that i do not have the latest FW installed but i believe this is a known bug.

Any help much appreciated as it makes Eau rouge pretty tough :)


  • David RoffeDavid Roffe Member
    edited April 2020

    Something similar happening to me with the formula wheel in iRacing. In my case, no buttons work, including shifters.

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