Xbox Series X Forza Horizon 4 with CSW v2.5 base Formula V2 Wheel FFB problems

What are the best settings to use I tried the suggested settings from Fanatec for Xbox one . I have little to no FFB are there new settings to be used if anyone has suggestion it would be greatly appreciated . I have spent 3 hours messing with various settings to no avail. Also does anyone know why the game setting only recognizes the wheel at 270 degree angle rotation with no option to increase / decrease .

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    I've got the same issues, CSL elite 1.1 though, need to set the rotation on the wheel at this stage, but I've completely lost FFB in Forza 4, but in motorsport 7, etc, no problem. Good luck

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    I have figured it out have good consistent FFB in Forza 4 with these wheel settings on Formula V2 (1. Sensit 270 )(2. FF 100 )(3. Drift -5 )(4. FEI 80 )(5. BLi 80 )(6. Shck vib 100)(7. MPS Auto )(8. BrakeF 50)

    In game Advanced Wheel settings 1.Vibration on , Vibration scale 1 2. FFB Scale 75 3. Center Spring Scale 150 4. Wheel Damper scale 50 5. FFB Understeer 75 6. FFB Minimum Force 75 7. Wheel Rotation 270 can’t adjust. All other settings I didn’t touch game actually has great FFB these worked for me maybe a little aggressive but you can tweak to your likings. And another side not with quick resume the wheel will have No FFB if that happens close game completely and restart the wheel will get recognized. Also you can have your controller on as same time as wheel with no issues which is good for other buttons the wheel doesn’t recognize due to button limitations from Xbox OS limits example you can use controller to take pictures or look left right etc. Hope this helps you.

    Diffuculty Settings

    Braking Abs off

    Steering Simulation

    Traction Control off

    Stability Control off

    Shifting manual

    Damage & tire wear simulation

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