CSL Elite PS4, troubles shortly after receiving.


I have the CSL Elite PS4 wheel base and associated wheel. The wheel doesn't center, and it jumps around a lot when I'm playing. The advanced settings to the wheel are confusing for me and I ended up having a disappointing experience that I at first thought would be one that was enhanced coming from a cheaper wheel setup.

The wheel doesn't center. I tried using the recommended aerosol on the censor process and it gives still the same issue. The wheel bobs around uncontrollably when I am playing and it has become a hassle to even use.

The products offered by fanatec are of premium quality and shortly after receiving the wheel, I encountered problems and have just let it sit because of how frustrating it is to even operate with these issues.

If anyone has tips, or if fanatec will allow me to send the wheel base and wheel in for diagnostics and repair, I would be very appreciative.

This is a boutique manufacturer that has an outstanding reputation for the quality of it's products. Please help me to agree with this. Thank you.


  • Hi Joe,

    Of course the support team is there to help with any technical issues you are facing. We can check your hardware, run diagnostics, and repair if necessary.

    But firstly it would be helpful if you could provide more details about what you are experiencing. A centring issue and a wheel 'jumping around a lot' might not be related to each other.

    • Wheel doesn't centre - are you saying that the wheel is losing calibration after setting the centre position (using the button combination) ? When you hold the wheel straight, is it not showing in the centre in the Fanatec properties page?

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Yeah. I press the wrench button and then correct the position of the steering wheel to center, then I press the buttons used to set this position, and press the wrench button again, setting the alignment. Less than a minute of usage later I have to do it again.

    The center position of the wheel is not corrected. I talked to someone at fanatec about this some time ago, and they recommended that I get an aerosol spray can and follow a procedure to use it to I guess clean the wheel sensor. This did nothing to correct the issue I'm describing.

    After many months absent from playing racing games I fired up the console again last night, and then again today, and I found myself met with the same frustrating issue. So I decided to try to see if I could talk to someone at the manufacturer about it, which led me to here.

    -- About jumping around a lot. For the game I play, dirt rally 2, I believe I ended up tweaking some of the advanced settings you can change in the wheel software. I don't have a firm grasp of what these settings do.

    I ended up playing around with it and I reached a point where I'm having even more issues playing the game with my fanatec products. I am not sure what it is called but in-game, if I throw the wheel say to the left 5 inches, it continues turning, hitting the edge of the rotation, and ends up bouncing back, and forth from the left to the right, again and again. I guess I could describe this as the wheel being really twitchy, and thus even further, it's more difficult to try to use playing my game.

    I have tried resetting the wheel calibration to default which I recall doing little to nothing more to fix the issue I'm having. I spent a little over a thousand USD buying this equipment and creating a higher end rig for playing racing games and it's upsetting that I'm running into these issues, that I've found strange to end up having.

    My wheel is temperamental to use at best. How can I go about getting it repaired or restored to factory setting, and how could I ensure against having this or something else happen again after that?

    Perhaps I have been ignorant in the upkeep of this product, assuming that it would require little if any maintenance, being an investment of such considerable sum compared to my previous and now secondary wheel.

    Thank you for your prompt response, and I want to let you know that I appreciate your willingness to help me resolve my issues.

    I can't wait for your response, and I can't wait to get my product working again. Thanks again!

  • Hi Joe,

    If you already followed instructions from the support team and that hasn't resolved the issue, then you should tell them so that they can move on to the next stage of troubleshooting. The team can only help if you continue to communicate with them. It is a common solution to try to clean the codewheel or sensor when dealing with rotation or calibration issues. It sounds like it hasn't worked in your case, so your base may need to be repaired at our service centre. But this is something only the support team can determine.

    In this case, if the wheel is unable to retain calibration, then there is no point in trying to diagnose the 'twitchy' issue separately because it is almost certainly connected to the calibration loss.

    Please respond to the support team so that they can help you.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • It sounds like you applied a positive drift setting when you were fiddling with the settings. It is labelled DRI. Set this to negative 2. Your problems will be resolved.

  • That may be a contributing factor, but if the base is losing steering position then Tuning Menu changes aren't going to solve the problem. Joe has to communicate with our support team to get that resolved first.

  • Dominic,

    I added the serial number from the steering wheel base under the "my products" page, and pressed support. Would my next step be to wait for an email? Not entirely sure how to proceed.


  • OK. I have sent a support request. Hopefully this gets things figured out. Thanks again for your speedy response time.

  • Hi Joe,

    I can see your new ticket on the system. The Technical Support will get back to you as soon as possible.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

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