[Resolved] Well, that escalated quickly!

So, I had a temporary power issue with the PSU for my DD2 wheelbase a couple of days ago. For some reason, it wouldn't power up despite trying it in several sockets. I raised a support ticket and was told I would be sent a replacement PSU. Great, problem quickly solved.

I then tested it again the next day and, the PSU appears to have come back to life. I have been using it without issue since then. I emailed support to advise them but, they said to return it anyway (well, that's what I thought they said). Fair enough, I thought.

Fast forward to today, and I receive an RMA for the wheelbase itself?! What, why? It is working perfectly well without issue. A replacement PSU to be on the safe side, I can understand.

I feel like something must have gotten lost in translation somewhere because, this additional RMA was in response to me advising that the PSU was working again.

I have replied to the email advising that this is incorrect, and also replied to the original support agent advising the same but, I am now concerned that this again could be misunderstood and I'll probably be asked to return my pedals and handbrake too! I have absolutely no intention of returning and then living without a wheelbase that is currently attached to my rig and is in perfect working order.

Please could whoever monitors these forums make sure that this unnecessary RMA is cancelled.

Many Thanks :)


  • Are you sure that the power issue is in the supply? It could be in the power board or connector on the base so it is understandable that both would be required for check. The fact that the issue appears intermittent would also point to the issue not being with the supply - that is likely to either work or not. A connector issue is more likely to be the cause of intermittent issues.

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    I'm pretty sure, although you may be correct that this was the thought process behind the second RMA. Which ironically, would actually make me the one who misunderstood what was being said! I'd describe it as a temporary issue, rather than intermittent. It hasn't happened again since.

    There was no green light on the PSU which suggests no power was getting to the PSU. When the issue occurred, it was the same regardless of whether the DD2 was connected, thus removing the DD2 from the equation.

    I'd also add that, upon my initial reporting of the problem, there was no mention of returning the wheelbase, only of replacing the PSU. This was (and still is) a perfectly acceptable solution.

    A replacement PSU is on it's way and everything is working perfectly at the moment. I'm happy to swap out the PSU and monitor the situation but, there is certainly no need for a working wheelbase to be 'repaired'.

  • Yeah, if the PSU light wasn't coming on the issue sits with the PSU. I suspect the IEC plug wasn't in firmly. :-) I also would decline the RMA offer and continue to monitor the situation.

  • I agree. I've just had an email back from support - it seems there was a misunderstanding after all and, I'm happy to report that the RMA for the wheelbase has been cancelled and the replacement PSU is already on it's way.

    All this has at least given me confidence that, should I have an issue in the future, it is likely to be dealt with swiftly.

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